New Leaves

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You spent the fall turning over new leaves
One by one on your way to the bar everyday
Like the lost, desperate dog that you are
But you won't find what you need
Following that leash
Never the less
You keep walking away from me

You spent the fall turning over new leaves
You seemed more resolved than ever
Dig your own grave
Lie down, and wait
For friends and family
To get you back up on your feet
So you can keep on walking

Well i've got legs of my own
A clean shirt for the morning
My half of next months rent
And a bar or two to burn down

Well I'm tired of sleeping on the couch
Like a guest in my own house
Well I'm tired of lying to the cat
About if or when i'll be back
I'm tired of painting over the past

You'll spend your whole fucking life walking

Autor(es): Mike Kinsella