Julian Lennon

New Physics Rant

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Because of things remembered
Nothing changes; we simply follow
Rhythms that are distant echoes
Ancestors turning in their sleep
Silhouetted on the future
Playful figures that cut across the winking eye
Of God's projector
A partial eclipse of the original light
That eminates in all directions
So the darkness isn't pierced, but rather
Forced to retreat
Pushed out by its own internal explosion
The screen of God's movie is time expanding
And every atom is a solid globular mirror
In which His grotesque anamorphic grin
Splits the darkness!

Everywhere our world's expanding
Journeys through the soul
Past all thought and understanding
Science or control

Looking to the future
Is looking at the past
In whichever direction you happen to face
You were forward, and I was slipping back
In the time it takes for the light of the stars to stir
The retina, rods and cones
History's in the beholder's eye
Fait accompli
Dans un outre androit
The further away we are, the farther back we see
We could gaze instantly across the sound
Where, moored like ships, planets anchored
Swing and sway
Golden barges laden down with mists and frozen crystals
Dancing away!

[Chorus x 2]

Autor(es): Bob Ezrin / Julian Lennon

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