Magos Herrera

New Song

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This confusing wide open space,
This naive but obvious face.
This voice, these notes,
And this fearless noise,
Its what i got for you.

This castaway, lonely prayer.
This obstinate blind faith,
This song, these words,
And this naked soul,
Its what i got for you.

While outside insists in change the weather,
The seasons change forever,
The world, it breaks apart.

While we live so many lifes together,
Our spirits wearing feathers,
Trying to make our love an art.

Oh love, my love
Time steals away our secrets,
Oh love, be here, be one with me, within.

Lionels voice lyrics:

I love you so much.
My love for you is beyond human,
Beyond this world.
I say, i love you the same way i love myself,
The greatest thing in life,
This love will change the world,
I love you more than everything,
Don’t you ever forget.

Autor(es): Magos Herrera / Teresa Ines