Nightlike Silence

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As I enter the world of dreams and of chaos
I suddenly feel the presence of eyes
A reminder of the eternal pain engraved in my soul with filth and scorn
Heretic she was when she spellbound my eyes
Temptation and beauty, (so) fullfilled with lies
She knows how to rape those souls of weakness and leave the cadaver in brutal despair

Endless nights of passion
I thought it was my fate
Fatal betrayal, all promises were broken
Entirely I fell for thee, imprisoned by thy grace
Frozen in deception, I bleed in misery

Nightlike silence, emptiness I feel
Lost in remembrance, my tears full of grief
Enslaved by the memories, can not escape
From those moments of joy that I wish could remain
The sun is no longer the bringer of light
My soul is like snow in the winter night
Velvet darkness surrounding me
As I stand alone in this tragedy

Within these walls built of ebony tears
I fear the unknown
Every step I try to take becomes five steps in reverse
In my mind, a nightlike silence
Only memories remain
I can not erase thy picture
So naked and plain

Now a thousand days have passed
But those crimson eyes still last
This silent mourning seems to have no end
Another day in fire, another night in pain
Victim of a pure desire
Yeah yeah, my soul is in a hearse
Forgotten and erased
I thought it could be everlasting, never dying
There were so many things to tell
Instead you showed me hell
Innocence is pure imagination, hypocrisy...

This is eternal the eyes so infernal
I feel the coming of new tragedy
Once you have fallen you can not arise
I surrender under a bloodred sky

A slave under thy lust, her beauty a disguise
The bringer of nightlike silence has come
Dressed for the twilight journey
The spellbinding beast has been released

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