Kanda, Kodza I Nebojsa


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What they want I don't know what they want hurt me so
What they want badness grow what they want bad for sure
What I want some respect what I want something different
What I want hard to get what I want gonna get set
What I want is to be right and don't need to get on and fight about or fuss & shout
What I want is human right harmin no one ever no matter what
What they want is bad for sure always mean steal lie cheat or even makin war
Hipocricy's their law and their law is hipocricy every time they need the guilty party
Man afraid of their brutality destruction ability and negative extremity
What I want is people unity righteousness all live as one philosophy
So look now what they offerin' and give you only the blame just not to forgive you
Cause when you guilty they control you neva gonna get you out of their control
Society rule inhumanity full punishin' the good while bad is gettin' rude
You believe they tell the truth I think you are a fool

We have to save the youth

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