Goat Of Mendes

Night Of Divine Power

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Shadows - They gathered high up in the heavens
Whilst in the camp the Fir Bolg sleep
Carnun was woken from his slumber
As were the riders of the Sidhé
Three warcrows filled with utter grimness
Descended from the sky like fiery rain
A triad of awesome divine powers
Morrigan, Macha and Nemain

By the light of the moon
The mists of magic fell
The new and old gods met
For a divine duel

Panic was spreading through the army
The Ringstones glowed in witching green
Above their heads as clouds were boiling
A mighty dragon could be seen
With curdling cries like howling Banshees
The Sidhé began their first assault
And corpses walked amidst the campfires
Decayed and dreadful to behold

The voice of Tuan:
Then Morrigan, with jet-black hair
Appeared before King Eochai:

"King, now recognize my powers
Fight on and meet demise
Or find your peace
In my embrace!"

The voice of Tuan:
While his King was seduced and the army lay hidden
Warlock César invoked the powers forbidden:

César's invocation:
Great entity of aeons without sinews and bones
I humbly bid thy aid amidst the Standing Stones
Thy wisdom formed the Earth and the stars above
So help us in our need, mighty Crom-Cruach!

The arrival of the daemongod:
Mere mortal, you have disturbed my timeless slumber
To beg my aid in your dismay
But you have made a mindless fumble
To speak aloud my secret name
I will dispel your enemies' magic
But tomorrow on their souls I want t'be fed
If that's denied, it will be tragic
For then, I'll take thy soul instead!

By the light of the moon
The shadows disappeared
But César in his gloom
Knew that his fate was sealed

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