White Wizzard

Night Stalker

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Stealth and possessed he stalks the night
Blade is polished-ready to strike
His eyes they cast a deathly stare
Chill of evil in the air

Demon raider in the street, every day is trick or treat
For devils dance within his mind
A witching hour for all time

Look out tonight, he's creeping up behind
Death by moonlight, his blade of steel will shine

Nightstalker coming for you, prowler on the run
Shadow striker with a gun
Nightstalker coming for you
You better run and hide or you know you're gonna

Shadow rider on darkwing
Devils dance and demons sing
Siren songs into his mind
A dark prince of the fugitive kind

Desire to rip your flesh tonight
And drink your blood til morning light
He licks his blade and sets his sight
A lone wolf running in the night

You better run and hide or you know gonna
Feel it deep inside creeping up behind ya
Better run and hide or you know your gonna die!

Autor(es): Jon Leon

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