Joel Plaskett

Nina And Albert

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Nobody knows where you've been
I looked everywhere
From the Arctic to the Argentine
Darling come darken my door
We had tougher times
But what we want to go there for
Every waking hour
Looking for a friend
Trying to get it started
Before we reach the end
All I asked for was goodbye
Now I'm driving 'cross the desert
Watching lighting skip across the sky

Albert let's not fight
I've been driving 'cross West Texas all the night
When a storm came down upon me
Why you're angry is beyond me
Is there something I could do to make it right
Albert you're my man
Nobody can love me like you can
You're coming around behind me
Lover don't you try to find me
I'll look you up when I think that you'll understand
Albert Ronald Reagan died today
I pulled over to the side of the highway and I cried today
Black clouds hang above us
Does anybody love us

Autor(es): Joel Plaskett

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