No Can do

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Driving with my little bike I see the neighbour's tiny wife, you are there waving at me, writing your own history. Balloons are blown, balloons are burst, why do I always think of the worst. There is no-one I could stand except the boy that plays in a band. Postman Pete and milkman Moe, prostitute is taking a blow, preachers wife is not aware her man is having an affair. What a lovely weather it is, it'll rain, I wish, children playing on the grass, we can see their bare ass.
Good, can do you no good, no good, good, I can do you no good.
People are just what they seem, my home town is not a dream, take my word I'm still alive, worst than this is hard to find. As the sun slowly goes down, on my face you'll see a frown. I'm happy when I get some sleep, cuz in my dreams I'm not a freak.

Autor(es): E. Handley / R. Sipponen