The Church

No Explanation

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You pull the sheets around you throat
Talking like the harpy again
I've got this heartache in my coat
Since I don't remember when
It's guaranteed to live and to bleed
And you feed it with your bitterest lies

Hope you can see what that's done to me
But I don't care to look into your eyes
There's no explanation

Dream tongued man from the golden land
Standing with the keys to your door
I had to laugh as I shook his hand
Didn't know he'd been here before
I know him well but I never can tell
If he sees right through my futile disguise


Walking alone down the path to your home
On a silent and sensual day
It almost could be my very own
Before I went and lost my way
Directions aren't clear when you're standing here
And you cheer me with your faithless surprise


Autor(es): Steve Kilbey