Paul Anka

No Goodbyes

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She left me one misty morning. she left without warning. i woke up alone. i loved he more than i should have, more than i would have. if i had known... and the note she wrote said she had to go, but she didn't say what my heart must know. now, she's left me here, with a thousand lies: there were no goodbyes. taught me what dreams were made of, each time we made love, she took me away and i told her , each time i hold her, as i'd enfold her , she'd hear me say , till the oceans roar, comes a tender sight , till the stars, no more, fill the midnight sky, but a fool believes what a fool denies. alone again, i'm all alone again, though i thought we'd share, each day, tomorrow's unknow again. on my own again, oh, i'm on my own again. did i fall too fast for love to ever last?? when that face of hers filled these hopeful eyes, did i know her love or did i fantasize? * yes, a fool believes what a fool denies: there were no goodbyes. * no goodbyes.

Autor(es): Kathy Stone / Nâdiya Zighem / Walter Afanasieff

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