Leo Sayer

No Looking Back

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When there's no more looking backand you feel you've loved in vainyou try and hide your sorrownow you're alone againso you block out your emotionlaugh it off and carry onsayin' why do i have to feel this waywas loving you so wrong
If i could only turn aroundone more time for old time's sakei'd pick up all the piecesfrom the mistakes i madedid i give myself completelyor did i hang on for too longah, but what's the use of me talking this waynow that you're gone
No looking back, it's over nowall over nowi tell myself i'm gladit's over nowall over nowit's over now
But if i ever love againoh, i won't be played a fooli'll put in my performancethis time i'll know the movesit's not that i'm feeling bitteri've no bitterness to showand all i'm really trying to sayis that i wish i'd never let you go

Autor(es): Leo Sayer / Tom Snow

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