Arjen Anthony Lucassen

Not Over You

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The earth moved, the water ran free
Then lightning struck
We both knew it was meant to be
So we tried our luck

There was so much love, there was so much pain
In those stormy years
If i could just go back and do it all again
I'd take aeay your fears

Ooh do you feel the way i do
When the stars come out at night
There's always you
Ooh do you feel the same pain too?
Now the scars have almost healed
I know it's true
I'm not over you...

Now you've gone anf left a space
That's so hard to fill
I hope for you, you have found your place
And i guess i will

There's so many doubts going through my mind
Is this the way that it should be?
People say that love is blind
Well i cannot see...

Autor(es): Arjen Anthony Lucassen

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