No More Dyin'

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"What if... people... didn't die no more? You know?
What if we all could just live forever? You know? Imagine that."

Imagine being able to live past twenty-one
No more ghettos, no more slums
Everybody's young
Don't nobody pack a gun
Cause killers it ain't none
We all one, and feeling your pain sons
Flap your wings, walk on water
I am the ressurection, and the life
Trials and tribulations got me speaking in this ill communication
Just a product of this wickedness created in this nation
But i was sworn from the cross
I was born to be a boss
How long will they mourn me when my life is lost?
Never mind that. What if you could rewind the time back?
Would you bring B-I-G or Martin Luther King back?
It's all about love and happiness, word to Al Green
I mean that as i lean back in a clean 'Lac
Thinking about never dying
So Detroit like the lions
Flap my wings and keep flying

What if people didn't die no more?
What if mothers didn't cry no more?
No reason for me to get high no more
No reason for me to say goodbye no more
Then you could be forever mine me amore

I know everybody die, but what if people didn't die?
And the sky was a place where you could just fly?
Is it nine-one-one or nine-eleven?
2pac can you tell me if there's thugs in Heaven?
And a one-eighty-seven is a thing of the past
Shotguns dont blast, theres no aftermath
Theres no need for bail, theres no need for jail
This could be your Heaven, theres no need for Hell
There's no more babies dying
There's no more mothers crying
Trying to put together your skull from slugs flying
Imagine a world with no war and no crime
No m

Autor(es): Esham