James Reyne

Not Waving Drowning

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Everybody's on the street
Looking oh so good
There walkin' around thinking life is sweet
And it's a beautiful day in the neighbourhood
I just wanna tell everybody
That you were the one
What you thought were your glory days
Seem to have come undone

Chorus ~
Day after day I'm craving
The stuff that we were saving
You know now I'm not waving
I'm drowning

And every time I stop and wander
How I got a date with Botticell's niece
She's a`walkin' around
Saying look what I found
Now she's ripping up my masterpiece
You were gonna beg steal or borrow
Until you had enough
Just like there's no tomorrow
You keep a`laughing in the face of love

I'm drowning

I'm drowning


I'm drowning ~ x 5

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