No One Loves You

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No one loves you
No matter who you might hook
It's just a chemical reaction to the way that you look

No one cares
No one cares, no matter what they might say
You're just a vapid piece of meat to be thrown away
It doesn't make you special
Doesn't make you anything more than what you are
It doesn't make this a tragedy
'Cause love won't get you very far

You're alone, You're alone
and you always were
No one cares, No one cares
and they never did
It's a shame, It's a shame
and that's how it is
But it's true, but it's true
No one loves you

It's just a part of who we are

So throw away what you thought you knew
Black, white, wrong, right, no one gives a fuck for you
From the highest mountain to the deepest grave
No one loves you anyway

No one loves you
No one cares
No one loves you
No one dares

Instead of hating yourself
Now you can see the truth
You should hate everyone else
'Cause everyone hates you

You're alone and you'll always be
You are lost and you always were
You are human and you always are
No one cares and they never did

Are you broken down?
Think it isn't fair?
Well no one loves you
So no one cares

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