Now I'm Gone

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I haven't taken the time to really see what's been going on with you lately.
I guess i'm just too busy these days, but i know i've got no time to waste.
I can't sit down and talk, right now i must go. maybe some other time i'll catch up with you. gone. now i'm gone. what's going on? blah, blah. can't talk now. there's no time now. now i'm gone.
I'm sitting at home and my televisions on. the commercials are telling me to be gone.
Next thing i know, i'm consuming at the mall, and the whole wide world is giving me a call. i'm just dead to the world and i am programmed like you, and now i am gone. will you catch me if i fall? will you be there for me like i wasn't there for you? are you gone?

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