No One Wins The Fight

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When the night is gettin' closer,darkness comin' down
Dreams turn into nightmares,your body leaves the ground
Cryin' for mercy but people around you are blind
You loose your mind

Welcome to my termination,I'm the voice of war
No one cares about you but I open my door
Future will be your decition
When you'll just do what I order

Kill! Fire! Destroy! Do just what I say
Deff! Blind! Obey! And never,never say no!

You're suffering your pride
No one wins the fight

Don't you ever think about it,what've done to you
If you can not fight,against,you'll watch them killin' you
You've born for nothing, you can't even choose your side
Which way is left,which way is right

Close my friend & feel me breath
Forget that fucking tools
fucking lies & fucking sights &
fuck up fucking rules
Tired of this circulation,years & you'll search the reason