Blind Pigs

No Pistol Reunion

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Johnny Rotten can't be paid enough
For Jones aren't the boys quite good, that's tough
Cook's body is old and almost heart attack
And they even let Glen Matlock come back

Such sentimental shit
And you're full of it - Yeah, Yeah, Yeah
You saw them from afar
Mclaren showed those english stars
You put them on a phony pedestal
And gave them your money
They are the multi million dollar joke
That ain't funny
To hell with the Pistols reunion
They're too old to rock'n'roll
Their songs will have no meaning
They're the establishment they once rejected

"And you thought that we were faking
That we were just money making"
Today old punks they just won't rate
Pistol's commercialism's out of date (we hate)

We don't shoot the same heroin
As Sid Vicious
The end

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