Nuclear Puke

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Finger on the button
They've targeted my home
Irradiated drunks in the fall-out zone

Obliterate my liver
Toxins in my veins
Annihilate my kidneys
Strontium in my brain
Terminate my bar-bill
A like of poison ale
Mutations in my pub
Fail-safe system fail

Nu-clear puke!
Indigestion caused by nukes
Nuc-clear puke!
Florescent gunk
Green atomic chunks

Desrtuction ensured mutually
Bombs above my bed
Depleted uranium 238
Stock-piled in my shed
Missiles raining down
As the ground shakes
Genetic break-down
The Geiger counter breaks
Nuclear winter comes I freeze
I have no fear
No chance of salvation
But I've got my

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