Helen Austin

No Plans

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I've got what I want, I've got what I need
I'll sit back and watch them grow
Getting older's fine, we've got lots of time
Not so sad to see it go.

I think I will stay right here
Got nowhere to go has become so clear
I think I will stay right where I am
I've got no plans to move on

I always looked around, never liked what I found
I was always moving on
Now it's time to stay even on a rainy day
My need for change has simply gone.


I can't believe what I see
And all the things I found
I can't believe how good it feels
To feel this safe and sound

Something that I've learned is that my head can't be turned
By pretty things that have no soul
Now I've come to see, it's the mood, it's the history
The little things that have no soul.