Chaos Divine

No Road Home (Solastalgia)

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Been here before, or have I?
Cannot recall
Been here before, but I can't see what I'm looking for
There's nothing left, only memories remain
And until the end, I'll search for my home

Progress haunts my dreams and I can't stop this enemy forever stalking me
And to the world I'd known I bid farewell

I am homesick while at home
I've got nowhere else to go
I reminisce of the last time that I stood on this sacred ground
Misplaced myself but I'm still here
Never thought that I would fear losing my homeland
I've lost my sacred ground

Desperate, clutching straws
Distant, at arms throw
Can't face the new world I've come to, rejecting what is before my eyes
Memories, lost and sold
Deface times of old
I reminisce of the past life
No compensation can compensate me for what I have lost
I have lost

Grave mound
Connections all fragmented to my own ground
This wound, created for your welfare, now left unbound

Tear it all down, no you can't buy this ground
Hold fast, face down, this can't be undone

This world goes to the highest bidder
We can only loose, while they desecrate

Victim of our lust, no-one we can trust
We're all longing for fortune, but somebody has got to pay
Nomad, don't belong
Aimlessly I run, never return to my past life
A vagabond born by solastalgia
I am lost, I am lost

Have I been here before?
And I'll be here nevermore