No Saint - No Sinner

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I went about my whole life
What i've believed
And what i've received
It's been a few days
Since i've said goodbye
Maybe each day should be my last
And maybe each hour devours the past
Hope falls through
The holes in my hands
Watch me when there's
Nothing left to see
Hear me as i'm not
Half the man i used to be
Cause i'm no sinner and i'm no saint
I laid myself to rest when
There's nothing left to gain
Cause i'm no sinner and i'm no saint
I lose my very soul
No matter what or what's my name
I see my reflection on a marble floor
All of my tears are in my mind
Emotions sustained
Breaking me inside
I am who i am,
I want this dream to end
I try to break away from the spell
But i pull the trigger on myself
Know me as all knowledge
Comes with pain
I lose myself and go insane