Nosebleed Song

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you know me: i'm not too smart
when she broke my heart
no doctor came to heal me, so i had to do it my way
yeah i fixed it with a keyboard and a guitar and a Sharpie
and i guess i'm kind of messed up
a little broken
but this is what you get
for falling in her trap, she takes you so high you get nosebleeds
she leaves you swimming with the land whales
until you pop up like a groundhog / prairie dog
ready to start over again

you know me: a little hopeless
and a faux romantic
they seem to go together, but it never ends up my way
yeah i guess i should have realized that
the operative word in that phrase would be "hopeless"
i'm just a little hopeless
well this is what you get
for putting on the pressure so hard it gives you nosebleeds
it leaves you drowning in your apathy
until you find an air supply to connect to your heart
and you can breathe right again

you know me: i'm the guy with the confused priorities
i'm the guy who can't decide what he should be
i'm the guy who can't believe
that she left me
but this is what you get
for opening your heart, she hits you so hard your nose bleeds
she leaves you hanging on a dial tone
until you hang up and you realize to your surprise
you're still the guy you were before she showed up in the first place

you know me: a little crazy
and more frustrated
no one understands it but the ones with the broken hearts
yeah we're lying in a bed with our face under covers
trying to recover from that big space
the big open space
but this is what you get
for getting in her face, she leaves you so dry your nose bleeds
you're making friends with the land whales
and now you're thinking that you don't even know if
you want to start over again