No Soy De Ti

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You know, ever since you've been gone
Ifind myself unable to sleep at night
To some people its just another day,
But the lord knowsdown inside i,
I just dont feel right

Love gots a hold of me, think im about to fall baby
But i cant let you see all the things u doing 2 me.
Remember when you told me how you wanted to be free
And you left me (te olvidaste de mi)
What about me and all of my pain,
Times i thought i was going insane.
Calling your name you're nowhere around,
Nowhere to be found, nobody cared ,nobody was there,
It was just me sad and lonely broken homie,
Ill smile for my friends and crylater for you
Just like the oldie told me.
Remember how you treated me
You said u never needed me,
Spent all your time deceiving me,
Why couldnt you just believe in me,
Now all of mi suenos are pesadillas
And i cant wake up from this state of mind
I cant take the heartbreak again.
What would happen if i took you in?
I would lose and you would win again
You want your cake and eat it too,
What would happen if i tcheated you?
Gee i can only imagine all the things that i would be,
I belong to you but you never belong to me,
No soy de ti, no soy de ti

( no soy de ti, tu no eres la mujer para mi,
Acuerdate que te fuiste, y te olvidaste de mi)

Come a lil closer, look at me, what do you see.
The tracks of my tears because of you and wasted years.
After all them times you've lied to me,
All the fake tears you've cried for me
Now you wanna try to be something
That you denied to be.
Reality to live up to my dream i never thought that
You would leave me. torture and sadness,
These things you've left me pair
When im lonely drives me insane,
I'll never be the same as before you,
Girl i live for you please say it is'nt so,
The one in love is always the last to know
Remember when you'd writethat fool up in the pen?
And asked me if i cared and i said of course i did
But you went and did it again.
Said he was just a friend, but then it was somebone you went out to see,
While im standing underneath this streetlamp
Wondering who is the girl for me?
I never knew that when u said i love u it was justfor a little while,
When we get married we'll have a big celebration
And send invitations to all our friends and relations,
That's what i wanted, i wanted to make u my wife,
But now i want u to stay outta my life.

Everytime i find another love and try to settle down
And build my castle to the sky
U come and tear it down.
I treated you like the queen,
Howecome i didn't feel like a king?
I told youif you lose me,
That you would be losing a good thing.
I'll always remember that day in september,
Cold as december, leaving behind a fool such as i,
Tear eyed, i guess you had your mind made up,
Now you've got your fools mixed up.
Tore our loveletters and throw them on the ground for me to pick up.
That's the night you laughed at me
Threw your little past at me,
Never thought i'd see the day that you would see the last of me.
Fears of losing you kept me holding on,
But i got strong,
You never know what you got until it's gone.
Cuando te queria, no me quisiste,
Cuando te fuiste me dejaste triste y te reiste de mi.
Ain't it funny, now you want me,
Vete con some hombre, y olvidate de mi. no soy de ti

(chorus) 1x
Porque me dejaste?
Cuando menos lo esperaba,
Porque me dejaste?
Yo quetodo a ti te daba,
Porque me dejaste?
Nunca te perdono por dejarme.
Porque me dejaste?
Solo con tristeza me dejaste.
Porque me dejaste?
Algun dia la pagaras.
Porque me dejaste?
El maldito dia que me dejaste

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