Carolyn Arends

Not A Tame Lion

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I make you in my image
More often than not
I keep you like a treasure
In my jewelry box
But you smash through my illusions
Like only you can do
And you break apart these idols
That I make of you
And oh - sometimes you whisper
But oh - sometimes you roar

You're not a tame lion
You're not meek and mild
Your tenderness is reckless
And your mercy's wild
You're not a lucky rabbit's foot
And you're not Santa Claus
There is a certain fury to the love of God
You're not a tame lion

Your passion is consuming
Your holiness is fire
Your Spirit is a hunter
Whom no runner can tire
Your light shines in the darkness
To the corners of the earth
Your laughter is the music
Of the universe
And oh - you're not safe
But oh - you are good

You're not a tame lion …

Autor(es): Carolyn Arends

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