Laura Marling

Not Done Travelling

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I took the winter to travel
Headed for the road
Couldn't bear no sunshine
I took off on my own

You won't see me till springtime
Never see me again
I'm headed for the east coast
To find my wayward friend

He likes the mountains in the daytime
He's fond of the desert at night
I think he likes to be alone
So I curl up at his side

You won't hear a peep from me boy
Never see me again
Oh if I choose to run son
I run till the mountains end

I think he likes my silence
I think he likes my smell
I like the way you hit your t's
When you talk about what you know well

You won't hear a peep from me boy
I may never say a word again
Oh before I take my silence
I'd like to get to know you friend

I like it here on the east coast
I like the state I'm in
I like the way you live here
But I'm not done travelling

I should stay a while though
I cannot just run again
But I'm in love with you boy
Come with me travelling

It may not last forever
Nothing ever does
And there's nothing quite so fickle
As a travelling lover's love

I'll come back for you boy
I'll be back again
Oh when the road doesn't call me
My travels they will end

Autor(es): Laura Marling