Obscure Reflections

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Miracle man is dead
Where are you lord?
Unique and eternal
I continue to fight without you

Control: to save me
Resist: to live
Control: to save me
Resist: to live

Born from darkness
Dead for you
I close my eyes

Destiny touch my hands
All your obstacles never stop me again

I can start my walk
I feel the darkness take my senseless body
It's so handsome... don't feel you anymore

Christianized, manipulated, trapped: i'm not be anymore
I live, i see, i believe
My memories coming back, the real ones

Now i know: i was regressing
I greet you lord, i greet you with pride
Now i can walk alone

I live as a free man
I live without your rules
Control: to save me
Resist: to live

Obscure reflections