Andrew Lloyd Webber


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by Andrew Lloyd Webber / Charles Hart
"Mystery after gala night,"
It says, "Mystery of soprano's flight!"

"Mystified all the papers say,
we are mystified -
we suspect foul play!"
Bad news on soprano scene -
First Carlotta, now Christine!
Still, at least the seats get sold
Gossip's worth its weight in gold ...

What a way to run a business!
Spare me these unending trials!
Half your cast disappears,
but the crowd still cheers!
To hell with Gluck and Handel -
Have a scandal and you're sure to have a hint!

Will they all walk out?
This is damnable!

Andre, please don't shout ...

It's publicity!
And the take is vast!
Free publicity!

But we have no cast ...

Andre, have you seen the queue?
Oh, it seems
you've got one too
"Dear Andre, what a charming gala!
Christine was in the world's sublime!
We were hardly bereft when Carlotta left -
On that note the diva is a disaster
must you cast her when she's seasons past her prime?"
"Dear Firmin,
just a brief reminder:
my salary has not been paid.
Send it care of the ghost,
by return of post
No-one likes a debtor,
so it's better if my orders are obeyed!"

Who would have the gall to send this?
Someone with a puerile brain!

These are both signed "O.G." ...

Who the hell is he?
Opera ghost!
It's nothing short of shocking
He's mucking our position!

In addition he wants money
What a funny aberration to expect a large retainer!
Nothing plainer -
he is clearly quite insane!
Where is she?

You mean Carlotta?
I mean Miss Daae -
where is she?
Well, how should we know?
I want an answer -
I take it that you sent me this note?
What's all this nonsense?
Of course not!
Don't look at us!

She's not with you, then?

Of course not!
We're in the dark ...
Monsieur, don't argue -
Isn't this the letter you wrote?
And what is it, that we're meant to have wrote? Written!

"Do not fear for Miss Daae.
The Angel of Music has her under his wing.
Make no attempt to see her again."
If you didn't write it, who did?
Where is he?
Ah, welcome back!
Your precious patron -
where is he?
What is it now?
I have your letter -
a letter which I rather resent!
And did you send it?
Of course not!
As if he would!
You didn't send it?
Of course not!
What's going on?
You dare to tell me, that this is not the letter you sent?!
And what is it that I'm meant to have sent?
"Your days at the Opera Populaire are numbered.
Christine Daae will be singing on your behalf tonight.
Be prepared for a great misfortune,
should you attempt to take her place."
Far too many notes for my taste -
and most of them about Christine!
All we've heard since we came is Miss Daae's name ...
Miss Daae has returned
I hope ??? as far as we're concerned
Where precisely is she now?
I thought it best that she was alone ...She needed rest
May I see her?
No, monsieur, she will see no-one.
Will she sing?
Will she sing?

Here, I have a note ...
Let me see it!
"Gentlemen, I have now sent you several notes of the most amiable nature,
detailing how my theatre is to be run.
You have not followed my instructions.
I shall give you one last chance . . ."
Christine Daae has returned to you,
and I am anxious her career should progress.
In the new production of "Il Muto",
you will therefore cast Carlotta as the Pageboy,
and put Miss Daae in the role of Countess.
The role which Miss Daae plays calls for charm and appeal.
The role of the Pageboy is silent -
which makes my casting, in a word, ideal.

I shall watch the performance from my normal seat in Box Five, which will be kept empty for me.
Should these commands be ignored, a disaster beyond your imagination will occur.
"I remain, Gentlemen, Your obedient servant, O.G."
Whatever next ...?
It's all a ploy to help Christine!
This is insane ...
I know who sent this:The Vicomte - her lover!
Indeed? Can you believe this?
O traditori!This is a joke!
This changes nothing!
O mentitori!
You are our star!
And always will be!
Signora ...
The man is mad!
We don't take orders!
Miss Daae will be playing the Pageboy - the silent role ...
Carlotta will be playing the lead!
It's useless trying to appease me!
You're only saying this to please me!
Signori, e vero?
Non, non, non voglio udire!
Lasciatemi morire!
O padre mio!
Who scorn his word, beware to those ...
You have reviled me!
The angel sees, the angel knows
You have rebuked me!
Signora, pardon us ...

You have replaced me!
Please, Signora, we beseech you ...

This hour shall see your darkest fears ...
I must see her ...
O, sventurata!
The angel knows, the angel hears ...

Where did she go ...?


Signora, sing for us!
Don't be a martyr
What new surprises lie in store?
Our star ...!
Would you please give this to Miss Daae?
Miss Daae

Autor(es): Andrew Lloyd Webber

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