Not Far From The Sky

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Wait, approach them inside
Jointly expectant and quiet, awhile
Here not far from the sky
With a case, in the flickering light, beside

Loved their seed inside, feel feather-light
With faith in their clear eyes
A drought it’s passing by just volatile
It followed them here and tonight

This once I feel this is my chance
I’m sure we are, no doubt, somehow at home now!
Deeply I sense that it grows in me
Oh please let it, this time, be my cloud nine!

This is a magical and pure and an extraordinary time!
Here, full of candy-coloured garlands I can leave it all behind!
And in this land of milk and honey waits my natural paradise!
Where we can settle down forever, no matter what will wait outside!

Here where prospects reside
They're about to find out what the case could hide

Autor(es): Marco Glühmann

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