Shock Therapy

Nothing But Lies

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Nervous as always, looking for answers
Dont know the questions, give me a reason
I cannot seem to face the fact
That there is no turning back
Someone is staring in the mirror
Cannot see past the reflection
Whatever got me to where i am now
Is never coming back again
Its getting so boring staying in here
Its getting so hard to keep things clear
The day is long, the week is forever
I wonder when but time is forever
There is no end to this thought
My life is conviction to eternal hell
With no possibility of parole
When i die i will know where to go
The same place i suffered when i was alive
Breathing the rotten used stale air

I dont need drugs to thrill my life
I get as much fun from a sharp little knife
The sun comes out aund causes me pain
I wish to god that it would start the rain
I look at myself, i like what i see
But if i really like it, it cant be me
I sing cruel songs all day long
If i sing from my soul i cant go wrong
Look in my mind, look in my eyes
Look in my heart, there are nothing but lies

Nothing but lies, nothing but lies
All day long there are nothing but lies

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