Astrud Gilberto

Ocean Dreams

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Lay down beside me, my love
And close your eyes
Let the magic sounds of ocean waves
Open the door to our dream
Allow your mind to fly high,
And far away...
Throw your troubles to the deep blue sea,
And dream away, dream with me

I see us now, as we dance
Magic music
We are embraced in a trance
Of love and music
Mystical sounds of the sea,
Endless music
The ocean dreams, you and me
Love and music

Our breathing blends into one
(sounds of a dream),
And i dream i'll be the only one
You'll always see when your dream
Lay down beside me, my love,
Here by the sea
Lay down beside me, my love,
And dream with me...

Autor(es): Astrud Gilberto

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