Nothing Changes

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the horse is dead and nothing changes
but i'll keep on beating, 100% self defeating
the daily routines just routinely repeating,
my identity's retreating and nothing changes

no catharsis and nothing changes
i know what i've done and what it is that's wrong,
i wish i could change but i'm not that strong
i can't stand myself and nothing changes

each mundane day, life is the exact same
going through the motions while my spirits being drained
am i stuck in groundhog day?!
it's seems unlikely that things will ever change

so here i sit and nothing changes
following the path in a game that i can't win
wishing i'd never been born, so this didn't have to begin
because i can't fucking quit and nothing changes

so i stand tall and nothing changes
build up my world just to watch it fall
the harder I try the more intense the failure
i'm losing myself and nothing changes

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