Nothing Comes To Mind

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I understand why we give in
We let our weaknesses grow & win
It's something that's been going on
Since who knows when...
But from our lack of knowledge
Comes their power to control
Beyond the things we see & what they've done
To what we eat...

When I try to be righteous
Nothing comes to mind
Cause you feed us a virus
Nothing good comes to my mind

I understand the consequences
But do you know what you enhance?
Make of the world what you decide
Cause we don't ask why
Today I've read about your plan
I see it now-I understand
That money talks & who cares what's in what we eat?


So we can't see what you hide
We can't see what's inside your lab
You try to make us believe it's all right

You don't do
You try
You don't know
You lie
You don't realize
You might be killing us
With a smile

Autor(es): Gerald Jonhson