Nothing Else

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Browsing silent sea
Suddenly it was what I always had
Love always be with us
All I want most is to have you in life
never say even that is
Inside me
You need to be patient even though I am far from you
And you do not need to tell me what you hide from me
Never play with my feeling
That never happens with anything you
Nothing else than tell me
And I mean by love
I never say If it's wrong or right
I always say I love you
I can not even say goodbye but the loneliness I hide everywhere
Nothing else than willing to love me


I can not leave you here
Just understand my situation
I have not given any reason to love you more
I gave all I have for you
I think and I can not compare
I think of the things you think of me
Tell me what you think of me
Perhaps there is patience
Between you and me
Therefore it is only love for me
If I keep all my love for you
So love me anyway
I always loved you
the story of dance
In the fairy tale
You say 'I can not live without you'
Nothing else to compare it with so many things
Nothing else I see a lot of time
I do everything for you
go straight to the point to make you happy
When we see trees that I feel happiness
For you (5X)

Autor(es): Pollyanna Houston

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