The Hollies

Nothing Else But Love

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Look at me
I never thought that I would change
Is destiny the one to blame
for bringing me to you

I can't turn back
These feelings can't be sacrificed
when we're so close to paradise
It's made for me and you

Nothing else but love
could ever mean as much to me
And every time you're next to me
And how I realise
that nothing else but love
could touched my heart the way you do
I know that I would be a fool if I did not believe

in nothing else but love

I never knew I'd a prisoner to a stranger's kiss
but you got something that I can't resist
And I got to be with you


This moment will shine on forever
It will live beyond a shadow of a doubt
This love was blessed by a southern sky
Now it can never say die


in nothing else but love

Autor(es): Richard Marx

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