Bob Luman

Nothing Ever Hurt Her (quite Like Me)

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I was strong enough to love her too weak to walk the line
And a dozen times she gave me one more try
She must've gotten on a bus maybe caught a train
Baby always was afraid to fly
The note she wrote was simple asking me for one last favor
Forgive the way she slipped out in the night
No matter how she did it she knew something should be done
And God love her she did what she thought was right

Funny how I miss the little crazy things she did
Like turning off the TV when it storms
Missing how she snuggled up beside me in the bed
Remembering how her feet were never warm
How she came running to my arms scared to death of thunderstorms
And any dog half big enough to bark
Even called me up at work and begged me hurry home
And told me she got lonely after dark

And the worst mistake I'd ever make
Was the way I underestimated baby at first time
I curse the rain for falling down
And try pretending she'd gone shopping downtown when the sun shines
I read the note a hundred times above and in between the lines
And a man would have to be blind out to see
That all the things she's written of I'm the only thing she's ever loved
And nothing ever hurt her quite like me
Oh nothing ever hurt her quite like me

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