Aimee Mann

Nothing Is Good Enough

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Once upon a time is how it always goes
But I'll make it brief
What was started out with such excitement
Now I'd gladly end end with relief
In what now has become a familiar motif:

That nothing is good enough
For people like you
Who have to have someone take the fall
And something to sabotage,
Determined to lose it all

Critics at their worst could never criticize
The way that you do
No, there's no one else, I find,
To undermine or dash a hope
Quite like you
And you do it so casually, too


Ladies and gentlemen,
Here's exhibit a
Didn't I try again?
And did the effort pay?
Wouldn't a smarter man
Simply walk away?

It doesn't really help that you can never say
What you're looking for
But you'll know it when you hear it,
Know it when you see it walk through the door
So you say,
So you've said many times before


Autor(es): Aimee Mann