The Plot In You

Nothing Leaves This Room

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Everything you ever wanted was laying at your feet,
a loving family with open arms and everything,
I can see so clearly now, I can almost feel it right now,
it's keeping me awake,

stuck in this empty room, replaying everything in my head,
I can almost feel it as much as I don't want to, I tried to show you the man that I could be,
but now it's over, it's time to let this be,

I'm moving on with a new perspective,
leaving all the peices of this broken home in my rear view mirror,
it's time for me to start over,
and every single chance I get I say a prayer for you and your saftey,
why God, why have you abandoned me?

Memories are all you'll ever have, I hope they stay with you forever and always,
I hope they stay with you, I won't forget a thing,
take everything, remember me
take everything, remember me

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