Ocimum Sanctum

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Ocimum Sanctum
Holy lamiaceae
O, tenuiflorum
Holy lamiaceae

Of an ancient world
Oleanolic refugee

O, tenuiflorum
Ocimum Sanctum

Linalool ambrosia
Blessed terpene scent
Wafts astringent amidst the Veltheim throne

Ocimum Sanctum
Holy lamiaceae
Incomparable one
Extirpate my sins
As I will cleanse the world of theirs
Watching them suffer
Writhing acetic in acid glacial

About me, leaves of sanctuary
In a circle strewn mystic
Death's bane blessed
Aegis to disease
Eugenol constituent
Agony bound fast
Gluttonous consumption
Longevity for Azalea's will

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