Nothing More to Say

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i run the feeling that you talk too much
you just don't know you're so out of touch
some things may change but it won't be you
your poisonous mouth just won'y get through
all that you've said i've heard before
it's nothing new, we all know the score
keep trying to make me see in your eye
a piece of a promise that's covered with lies
a piece of tomorrow that doesn't exist
a part of today that you said i missed
a side of myself that i just don't know
i didn't belong as a part of your show
so don't preach to me your bad religion
i've got nothing to gain with your style of teaching
cause there's nothing to take from that kind of bitchin'
and there's not much to say that can scratch my itching
you write the bill and i've got to pay
cause you're a motherfucking bastard
and that's the way you play and i don't want it anymore
so fuck you and your game cause there is
Nothing More To Say.

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