Todd Kerns

Nothing Personal

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Baby's feeling so alive
Followed her dreams to Hollywood and Vine
She's silver
He's got the devil in his smile
Got the casting couch and a couple lines she's flying
Now she remembers all her lines
It's gonna be just this time then she'll be golden
But then ten years go by she's nearly 35
I hope it was worth it

Hey, nothing personal
Hey nothing personal
Hey nothing personal
It's just business

Bobby's feeling so alive
Got the Brando look and a Leo smile
He's perfect
He's getting the fuck out of Dodge
Got friends out there in Hollywood
He's already gone
But there's a million just like him
His ship ain't coming in
Sound familiar?
Now he's on Santa Monica Boulevard
He's a different kind of star
I hope it was worth it

He used to sing your favorite song
You knew the words and you'd sing along
What was his name?
You were gonna be just like him
Ten feet tall a Superman
What happened?
He met the needle and spoon
He sings a different tune-
"It's over"
Now you're suburbia's king
You can't remember his name