Nothing's Left

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So many times we shared our thoughts
So many moments we were so close
So filled with
joy and full of trust
We walked along the lightened road
Nothing is left now that I m gone
Now I see your hidden face
Nothing is left...
Tied by my feelings in my heart, I couldn't see behind the mask
It's all past and from this spot now I can see what you were and what I despise
I ll go my way with compassion towards the light
The decision I took opened the door to take a step out of the dark
What is left of the angry and creative
energy that we used to have when this was supposed to be the most important thing in your life.
Together we developed passion, dedication and trust for this and now that you grow older you turn your back and everything you ever talked or just thought about is
worth nothing to you now.
There's nothing left of you!

Autor(es): Cataract