White Wizzard

Octane Gypsy

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Open road - now it's time to fly
Shifting gears - I'm free to ride the sky
Need for speed - it's time to break the chains
Adrenaline - the fuel inside my veins

(pre chorus)
I'll try to beat the sands of time
I'm gonna shift into over drive

Octane gypsy - you're the baddest motor king
Octane gypsy - feeling mean out on the scene
Forging power between the wheels
Metal heart of iron and steel
Octane gypsy - you're my rock and roll machine

Winds of change - blowing in my hair
Electric ride - soaring through the air
Runnin' hard - I'm leavin' all my fears
Feelin' high - my freedom's finally here

(pre chorus)
(chorus x2)

You're the baddest motor king
You're my rock and roll machine!!

Autor(es): White Wizzard