Earl Musick

Nothin' Halfway (Henry)

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Broke back, Henry gotta get away
Jack Black, drinkin' it every day
Pitch-black, drivin' a Chevrolet
Henry got to make or break away

Shacked up, at a Hotel pre-pay
Woke up, thought about doomsday
Blowin' up, just like Pompeii
Henry never did nothin' halfway

Black top, and red light dreams
White lines, sweet hummin' machines

Gunplay, South-side L.A.
Payday, headin' for the highway
Hombres, goin' down to Padre
Henry's ready to make his breakaway

Short stop, road-side café
Backdrop, southern railway
Non-stop, straight thru Santa Fe
Henry never did nothin' halfway

Hometown, over by the cause way
Slowed down, pullin' off the roadway
Shutdown, Henry made it O.K.
Henry knows he can make his breakaway

Kicked back, Henry aint gonna stray
Lookin' back, don't miss L.A.
Jack Black; getting better every day
Henry, ain't gonna do nothin' halfway

Autor(es): Earl Musick / Roy Robinson

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