Barren Cross

No Time To Run

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It was 11:30 when he decided to go home - shouldn't have been alone
Didn't see the other driver, his vision blurred from liquor
(No time to run) 90 miles an hour to the floor
It sounded like thunder and then it blew into the fire
And the other will never see the light again

No time to run - cannot change what has been done
No time to run - run away from what might not have been?
No time to run - hey there man what have you done, cannot run

It was the morning after, a mother mourning for her son
She thought about her gun
In a fit of rage, no one stops her now
In the car she shouts "I?m gonna kill him"
(No time to run) 90 miles an hour to the floor
She storms in; she finds him, points the barrel at him
She cries out loud "you killed my son"