Mental Demise

Not My Business

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Do you believe what you see?
They make you to think wrong way.
Disaster, suffering is real life.
People will die.
Die. - 2 ãðîóëà

Stench of the dead.
Burning broken corpses.
Trough profound empty eye holes
Tear gloomy restless souls.

Millions of destinies
Drowned in oil wars.

Who is responsible
To choose the most important aim
For humanity?
Is Individual
Point of view means something?

Open mind and see the truth
War's -a kind of things that scared you a lot
You never gonna harm anybody
You think it's so far away…..
That is mistake!

Clear that dirty lie
Away from your mind

Put that dirty thoughts
Away from your mind

Cut that dirty fears
Away from your mind

Suck that dirty blood
Away from your mind

Do you believe what you see?
It's late to help yourself.
To late to die in bed.
To late to choose what was the right way.

When soldier's boot
Will be on your thin neck!

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