No Truce

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I don't care about my life
Humanity is not kind enough
To change the way things have to be
But on the streets no truce there is
My future is not really great
Nightmares on my nights and days
Scared people walking by my side
I just wait for my next assault!

One shot, hold up
I can just run away
Stand up, you're weak
I wanna kick your face

Crimes every day
I will kill you, baby
Dying innocent
The world is not for them
Crimes every day
I see the death of my own mates
Dying innocent
I'm not guilty of doin' this


Revolt in my head
Against the rich men greed
While they smile to me so calm
I rob to eat
Revolt in my head
Against the prejudice
Some dudes are meant to live as kings
And some as shit

Streets are turning into traps
The victim is you, normal man
Insanity and agony within my sick mentality
Dealing out your charity
I only take what you should give me
Bread crumbs fallen on the ground
Are all my food that you spit on

No hope, no chance
This is my dirty end
Scorn, contempt
That's what you feel for me

Repulsive misery
Indigents smoke joint with me
Rats around me
Biting something i would eat
My throne is poverty
Few coins are my salary
Pus drains from me
Worms always sucking my bleeding


Autor(es): Claúdio David / Sergio Cichovicz