Zero Degrees Freedom

Of Clouds And Past

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Had i the strength
I would grind down the sun
To powder, to ash,
To a burnt, empty shell
Spread its debris
To the depths of the sea
So that, in time..
Twould forget how to burn.

So i gather these wings
About me in triumph
And soar through dark heavens
In a shallow delight
And im purest comtempt
For this darkness i'd birthed
With wits full of daggers
Id set loose a smile.

And oh, how they'd mourn
For the sunlight they'd worshipped
And bow to return it
To its previous light
But the sun it hath drowned
Neath the coasts of my home
Where its body lies dreaming
Unseen and alone.

Curse everything
To the abyss of my mind
So i shant be alone
In this infernal darkness....

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