November Night

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They haven't accepted him.
No! They have banished him.
They haven't understood him,
for died so long ago.
But the dead can't walk
and can't speak.
He is dead for them.
He was banished.

But it is his castle.
He was born here
and he will die here, too

He will die He will also
be born here again.
Where does it come from?

What a burden.
It's the pain of his soul.
All his wounds
made him suffer greatly.
It's time to fall asleep
But this time - forever.

The pain began to pass off.
He also thought, that he had to vanish
and he was probably more sure
of that than the stranger.
He had been in a state of sheer
and peaceful reflection
until the tower clock stroke midnight
He was still alive, when the dawn began.
Then his had fell down unwillingly
and he took his last breath.

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